What we do

Revenue by Design is engaged as a trusted, external specialist to support the strategic planning process relating to customers, markets and growth. We focus on strategic marketing, business development strategies and sales channel optimisation.

Each client has their own specific reason for engaging an external marketing specialist. Project scopes are customised, but typically involve the following elements:

Strategies to diversify revenue streams and adapt to disruptive market forces.

Value proposition review to improve market positioning and message cut-through.

Sales team optimisation – immediate and longer term strategies to improve sales outcomes from national sales teams.

Business development and lead generation strategies, tailored to the client.

Sales channel optimisation – which door for which target market. Includes strategies to reduce reliance on distributors and increase line-of-sight to the end customer.

Revenue realisation – overall identification and pathways to quick wins and longer term growth considerations.


Quality over quantity. Our objective at Revenue by Design is not to build our empire, rather to help you build yours. All of our time and effort is focussed on your business. We have no other distractions.

We pride ourselves on being bespoke and only signing up to a handful of clients at any one time. We keep our business model simple and are not pressured to keep taking on more clients.

Partner level resource engaged with client for the entire project.

Strategy first, implementation second – clients value us supporting the transition from theory into practice.

B2B expertise is different – most marketing experts work in the B2C space. Lead generation and the sales function are paramount with B2B.

Mid-market private companies and NGOs are RBD’s client base. Strategies allow for tight budgets, resources and incremental scaling of delivery. This differs from large corporates who set aside big budgets for transformational change.

Long term commitment – the hard yards are always in the execution of the strategy and we will be there when needed.


We are proud and humbled to have worked closely with many organisations since 2011. The relationships we have built and results achieved, has enabled RBD to thrive almost entirely due to personal referrals. A small sample list below. References upon request.


In my capacity as Managing Director I engaged Colette Smith to review Hoshizaki Lancer’s approach to sales and marketing in order to improve customer service, sales force effectiveness and profitability. Colette prepared a detailed project brief and timeline which clearly outlined the review objectives and deliverables.


I am pleased to confirm that Colette delivered on all aspects of the assignment which included a list of actionable items, short term wins and longer term development projects. During Colette’s review she worked with sales personnel across our Australian business and the feedback from my team regarding these interactions was extremely positive.


Colette’s breadth and depth of understanding of business strategy coupled with the ability to dive into the details enables her to provide sound advice and recommendations which lead to sustainable results. I highly recommend Colette to any business which needs assistance to adapt and transform their sales and marketing approach to deliver enhanced operational and financial performance.

Joe De Gennaro
– former Managing Director, Hoshizaki Lancer

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Colette Smith is a corporate executive with over 25 years in sales and marketing.

Colette has over 10 years experience in management consulting, both as a Director at KPMG and founder of Revenue by Design. Clients span a wide range of industries such as advanced manufacturing, ICT, financial services, retail, education and health. Where necessary, Colette partners with professional services firms and independent consultants to deliver complex advisory projects.

Prior to consulting, Colette spent 15 years at Telstra in account management, regional sales and general management roles, culminating in the position of general manager for the Adelaide consumer sector.

Board experience:
Director & Chair – Arthritis SA (2009 – 2018)
Director – Arthritis Australia (2018 – 2021)

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